The Domaine de l’Oiselière has the European Ecolabel!

What is it? Created in 2005, the European Ecolabel is a guarantee that the facility where you are staying complies with the following commitments:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low water consumption
  • Low waste generation
  • Use of renewable energy sources and of substances that are less toxic to the environment
  • Communication and education of clients in environmental matters

They respond to specific criteria described in technical requirements common to all countries of the EU. This label is awarded in France by AFNOR Certification, an independent auditing organization. It is a volunteer process of certification for products and services. It is the most demanding of environmental certification labels.

Our environment policy

Our team has put in place a comprehensive policy intended to limit as much as possible our impact on an exceptional and fragile environment. In line with our values, we wish to participate in a type of tourism that is sustainable, congenial and respectful for nature.At this stage, we have already turned that commitment into concrete actions:

  • The camping is a pedestrian zone, to avoid sound and visual pollution
  • We manage our green spaces with manual weeding: zero pesticide
  • We use only Ecolabel certified housekeeping products
  • We use noble materials such as wood in our new facilities in order to cut down on the use of petroleum-based products
  • We strive to improve our performance through a weekly monitoring of our water and power consumption and ongoing challenge to our modus operandi
  • We sort our waste and encourage our guests to do the same
  • A compost cabin is used to recycle all organic waste
  • We have developed partnerships with local producers for the camping’s organic grocery store

We are making energy savings

Thanks to our joint commitment, we have significantely reduced our energy consumption in 2019 compared to 2018:

  • Electricity -10%
  • Water -7%

We are thankful and proud 🙂

And we want to do even more!

Here are the projects to reinforce our commitment:

  • Extend our partnerships with local and organic farmers for the supply of the grocery store and restaurant
  • Renewal of the European Ecolabel in 2020 
  • Extension of our organic participatory vegetable garden
  • Installation of photovoltaic and thermal solar panels